In larger but also in less structured businesses and in any place where there are operators constantly transporting pallets from department to department or from production to warehouse, it is advisable to
take advantage of more established technologies (roller conveyors) or newer ones such as unmanned shuttles to carry out these operations.

With handling systems, we move packages and pallets, weigh them, measure them, count them, discard them if defective, and accumulate them. Finally, we transport them by unmanned shuttles, LGVs or AGVs, laser-guided or optically guided to drastically reduce costs and increase safety in the company.

Our lines



Laser-guided, optical, odometric shuttles for unmanned load and pallet handling.
Innovative and versatile, they increase productivity, safety and enable important economies.



We make all kinds of handling (on rollers, conveyors, catenaries, elevators, idle or motorized). Cadenzers, diverters, centers, scrap handling, horizontal or vertical accumulation, stackers, sheeters.

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