We mark each product with thermal tapes, inks, food wax and lasers.

We label bottles, jars, tubs, envelopes and then boxes, bundles, bags, pallets and add lots, expiration dates, weights, all possible variable data and barcodes or qr codes.

These operations are very important because they are often required by legislation (batches and expiration dates, weights required by European labeling regulations, for example), sometimes by the need to quickly acquire logistical, traceability or commercial data (via one- or two-dimensional barcodes or tags). Other times they serve to characterize and personalize with labels or sleevers the boxes i

pallets and products of all kinds. Food labeling is to this day unavoidable for companies working in this sector. All operations

that require quality and precision but above all reliability and consistency.

Our lines


Coding boxes (secondary packaging)

High-definition marking of 100% readable and GS1-compatible logos, lettering and barcodes on boxes, panels and even non-absorbent surfaces.
Patented wax system.


Inkjet coding (primary packaging)

Micro character deflection marking for lot, expiration, item code, lettering with readability control (mark and read) and rejection on defectiveness.
Inks of all types for any surface.


Thermal transfer coding

Printing made on plastic films to customize with variable data, ingredients, bar codes, lot and expiration date food packages or other wrappers.


Laser Coding

For indelibly engraving batches and deadlines on PET bottles, cases, wood, profiles, labels. CO2, Yag, Fiber, pulsed laser source.
Does not require consumables.


Labeling Lines

Label affixing systems of all shapes and sizes on a wide variety of products (trays, bottles, jars, cosmetics, food, detergents).


Labeling Applicators

Labeling heads for label application only on packages, boxes, trays, envelopes and all kinds of products.

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